How Drinking Water Can Help You with Weight Loss

If you are looking for a healthy way to lose weight without replacing any of your diets, water is the best answer. Many studies show that drinking a lot of water any time of the day can give you a lot of weight loss effects and benefits.

About 70 percent of your body is water. This alone can fuel up the functions within your body system, including your metabolic rate.  Thus, water does not only keep you dehydrated. It has its magic touch to keep you in shape too.

In this article, find out how drinking water can help you with weight loss.

Water and Its Weight Loss Effects

Drinking water has a way of burning calories inside your body. This is what you call resting energy expenditure (REE).

In a study, it shows that adults who drink plenty of water have increased REE in just 10 minutes. This increase is likely said to last for an hour.

Furthermore, your water serves as your cleanser. It flushes out toxins in your body, thus clearing it to give you a better metabolic capacity.

When you drink plenty of water too, you are preventing your body to experience water retention. This then leads to a drop in your water weight.

While water comprises most of our body, 60 percent of it is your body weight.

Drinking Water before Meals

Drinking water to achieve weight loss effects also needs timing. Most studies suggest drinking water before all your meals can help you shed off some pounds.

According to research from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, a person who drinks an average of  six and a half cups a day can consume 200 fewer calories.

With about half a liter of this liquid, you increase your metabolic rate to 24-30% in just one hour and a half. In addition, drinking this much water before meals may result to about 44 percent loss of body weight within 12 weeks.

Despite the healthy smoothies and juices for weight loss suggested, scientific evidence shows that water has more benefits for you. From your physical health to your mental health and many more.

Studies show that drinking water before meals reduces appetite. And though there is some truth to this claim, this is exclusively applicable to those who are middle-aged and older.

From another study, drinking water early in the morning may reduce calorie intake up to 13 percent. In water therapy, drinking cold water as soon as you wake up can lead to weight loss as well.

Remember that for every glass of water, your belly feels full and satiated. This ensures you will no longer feel hungry, or you will only feel munching less instead.

How Much Water Should You Drink?

How much water should you drink

In drinking water, there is this mantra of the “8 by 8” rule.

This means drinking 8 glasses of 8-ounce water every day. This about 2 liters per day. But depending on your health situation, some people might need to drink less or more.

You should always be watchful as too much of it may cause water toxicity, or worse, death.

Here are some of the guidelines or suggestions of your water intake:

  •  3.7 liters for men
  • 2.7 liters for women

For people who sweat a lot, more water is needed, not only for losing weight but also for keeping self dehydrated. And for those who drink green tea, especially decaffeinated ones, it is recommended that they drink a lesser amount of water.

Aside from getting water from a glass, some fruits and vegetables contain a lot of water too.

How do you know that you’re drinking enough water? Your urine will tell you. If your urine is clear or with a light yellow hue, then you’re drinking enough. Dark yellow urine is caused by less water intake.

What Can Drinking Water Do to Help with Weight Loss?

 drinking water can do to help you with weight loss

You now know how your water can give a satiated feeling and how it helps with losing weight the right way. Now here are some other things water can do to trim down weight.

Water Minimizes Cravings for Snacks

You might experience wanting to eat something you don’t know. That feeling when you just want to nosh on something even when you’re already full.

Water can actually do a simple trick of minimizing your cravings.

Dieticians suggest that when you feel like your taste buds are crying for something sweet, drink a glass of water and wait for about 10 minutes.

Afterward, you will no longer feel that craving. But if 10 minutes have passed and you still want to eat something, you can always grab some natural slimming foods.

Water Has Zero Calories

Though you have your healthy weight loss smoothies and juices, water is always the best choice.

Having many glasses of this liquid will never worry you with calories and sugars because zero-calorie content for water is a guarantee.

In addition, water is the best natural drink one can have.

Water Makes You More Productive

Although water may not energize you as much as energy-boosting foods and drinks do, water can keep you hydrated, which has the same effect too.

Once you are hydrated, you will have more energy to work and move around. You won’t even feel too tired to hit the gym for a workout.

Hydration also minimizes the chances of headaches, which keep you from becoming productive. With water, your mind becomes more focused and active without having any jittery feelings, like the effect coffee sometimes has.

Water Serves as Your Motivation

The good thing about knowing that your water can lead to weight loss effects is that drinking water can be your motivation, specifically for your weight loss goals.

Whenever you get a glass of it, you will remember how it works in keeping you in better shape. You will then have the urge to keep up with the “8 by 8” rule.

Water also serves as your motivation because with every glass of it, you will feel like you are just a few sips away from your dream body.

Kate B. Forsyth is a writer for Be Healthy Today, who specializes in health and nutrition. Her passion is to help people get an overall transformation of health that lasts a lifetime. In her blog posts, she goes beyond research by providing health-concerned citizens doable and simple tricks to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

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