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Amazing Health Benefits of Water Therapy

Our bodies consist of about 70 percent water. Therefore, dehydration is a serious condition. Water therapy treats ailments ranging from simple headache to stage 4 cancer. What best quenches our thirst and refreshes our body, including all its functions, is …


5 Fun Facts about Ketchup That Will Blow Your Mind

While noshing on your favorite supersized serving of fries dipped in in its go-to condiment, have you ever stopped and wondered if there’s a difference between “ketchup” and “catsup”? Well, the spelling is just one of the many questions we have …


How to Get Rid of a Bloated Stomach

Isn’t it weird to feel so full even if you haven’t eaten anything the entire day? That’s called having a bloated stomach. This feeling of having gained twice your weight is what many people, girls especially, find annoying. Bloating causes …


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