What If There’s a More Efficient Way to a Healthier Lifestyle? And All It Takes is 10 Seconds a Day!


Howdy! I’m Kate and I’m here to spare you the agony of hunting for that perfect food or supplement with its assortment of essential vitamins and minerals.

I’m about to show you the most natural way to a healthier lifestyle… amazingly, for only a few seconds a day.

By a healthier lifestyle, I don’t mean only losing that extra weight… but also boosting that dwindling energy and brainpower, strengthening your immune system, and detoxifying your body.

And as English critic, poet, and writer Leigh Hunt said…

The Groundwork of All Happiness is Health.


And you wanna be happy, don’t you?

It’s quite simple actually. It only takes 10 seconds of your day. No joke.

And it’s 100% organic, too!

Now, you may be thinking… “This is all just empty talk. This lady can’t possibly prove this.”

Well, you’d be surprised how much of this I CAN prove… which is basically EVERYTHING!

What’s more? You’d also be amazed how easy the whole thing is!

Now, I can totally understand your sentiment. You’ve probably tried almost everything you’ve ever heard of… and only met with a string of failures… one after the other.

Maybe you’ve tried following that newfangled diet you read on a health blog. Or perhaps you’ve started taking those fancy pills your friend is raving about. Or maybe you’ve even tried that exercise regimen Gal Gadot was following while preparing for Wonder Woman? But NOTHING worked for you… at all! Am I right?

So yes, you being a skeptic may be entirely justified.

But that’s simply because you’ve been looking at the wrong place.

That was exactly how I used to feel. Believe me, totally been there and done that. In fact, I used to look at myself in the mirror and only see a bulging belly, despite all the effort, dedication, and deprivation I put myself through.

The operative phrase there is “used to”. What did I do? Continue reading then.

The Ill-Fated Age of Instants and Fast Food

One of the unknown tragedies of the modern world is the invention of “instants”. Today, many of us are not strangers to instant noodles, instant coffee, instant oats… instant EVERYTHING! I won’t even hazard to mention all the popular fast-food restaurants that sprout like mushrooms on a rainy day in various cities all over the world.


I know… the HORROR!

Okay, so these convenient edibles can sate our hunger… most of the time. But can they really fully satisfy our needs? And I’m talking about essential nutrients our bodies need as well as real-deal satiation.

Most popular fast food right now are loaded with tons of unhealthy carbohydrates, with little to no fiber. They also have added sugar, which means extra calories.

Fast food also contains a ton of sodium. And though this will make your food taste better, it also leads to water retention, resulting to a puffy and bloated feeling.

And of course, these foods are packed with preservatives, coloring agents, flavoring, sweeteners, humectants, acidity control agents, leavening agents, emulsifiers, stabilizers, and God knows what else!



And do you know? Those additives basically kick out what nutrients the food had to begin with.

In a nutshell, this is the crux of the matter.

Think of your body as this really expensive car, maybe a 2017 Rolls-Royce Ghost EWB Sedan. For this kind of car, it needs a particular type of fuel… one that best complements the car’s beautiful shiny engine and improve its function.

Well, what if you decided to put in the regular, cheap gasoline in your Rolls-Royce Ghost instead?

This, my dear friends, is a big NO-NO.

Sure, your car might still be able to move forward… at first. But before you know it, the car starts moving sluggishly. Then you start hearing weird rumbling noises from the engine.

Then you get misfires and certain parts of the engine will eventually need repair or replacement. Fuel injector pumps get damaged. Yikes!

Gradually, your car will completely stop working… and it’s all because you put in the wrong kind of fuel.

Well, your body is the same. If you keep filling it up with bad food, you will eventually suffer the corresponding consequences.

Know this…


And that is essentially what most fast-food are… fast, cheap, easy, and fake.

So how harmful are fast-food? Let’s check, shall we?

The Perils of Pretty Tempting Fast Food

Everybody knows that fast food is loaded with all kinds of stuff that makes it very appealing to consumers. Among these are carbohydrates, calories, sugar, salt, and all kinds of preservatives and additives. But are you aware what these things can actually do to your body, especially in dangerously high doses?

High in Carbs

Most fast food are high in carbs but low in fiber, which makes it difficult for your digestive system. This results in digestive conditions, like acid reflux, bloating, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

High in Calories

One of the most prevalent effects fast food or junk food has is, of course, obesity. This is caused by the fat and calories that you consume from these food.
According to the Office of the Surgeon General, obesity increases the risk for other diseases, like asthma, sleep apnea, fatal heart disease, and even some cancers.

Too Much Sugar

One of the top complications from eating food high in sugar (and calories) is diabetes. And if you have diabetes, you’d need regular insulin shots to treat blood sugar imbalances.
Other serious complications from diabetes, like glaucoma, kidney disease, hearing loss, high blood pressure, stroke, and nerve damage.

Too Much Salt

It’s no secret that salt can make food taste better. However, eating food with too much salt content can lead to not only bloating, puffiness, and swelling but also water retention and hunger pangs. Yes, you read that right. Sodium can make you more hungry than thirsty. What’s worse is that it can also elevate blood pressure and increases the risk of heart diseases.

Too Many Unknowns

Most fast foods are also steeped in additives that make them taste great. But these chemicals are often artificial and can be quite harmful to the human body, especially if they’re accumulated over time.
Fast food also usually come in disposable containers, and most of these containers are made with a group of chemicals called phthalates [pronounced as tha-lates]. These chemicals interrupt how hormones work in your body and can cause various reproductive issues, even birth defects.


So it goes without saying that eating fast food may be convenient and all, but it’s certainly won’t give you the right nutrients that your body needs. It may make you feel sated but that it actually won’t last.

So how often do you eat fast food? And now, knowing all these things, will you continue to be complacent about the kind of fuel you give your body?

Your cells need quality nutrients in order to maintain a healthy system. That is a FACT. No matter what diet you follow or what pill you take, the results won’t last (if you get any results, at all) if you don’t start eating right. As the saying goes…



Luckily, there is a fast and 100% natural way you can charge your body and feed your cells with the best nutrients possible.

In 5 years, everything I’m about to teach you will be mainstream knowledge.

But at the moment, my formula is only available to those who have been searching long and hard for it.

It’s a taboo subject, and many big companies have a reason to keep this formula a secret.

But now I’m going to reveal everything to you…

The Easiest way to Fill Your Body With the World’s Best Nutrients

Three years ago, I stumbled upon a discovery that changed my life.

That discovery was the power of superfoods.

It’s quite strange how everybody is looking for some new synthetic pill produced in a high-tech laboratory, while the real remedy has been all around us since the world began.

The nutritional value of superfoods surpasses those of any other kind of food. And yes, they certainly deserve the adjective “SUPER”.

Why is that?

Imagine, only one serving of the right combo of superfoods can provide your body with all the nutrients it needs in order to function at its fullest. Amazing food synergy at its best.

In the most natural way, you can get more energy, boost your immune system, take control of your weight, and increase your brain power.

Now, you’re probably thinking, “I already know all that. But superfoods are expensive, and it’s quite a hassle to buy them fresh and then juice them every day.”

Well, you’re 100% right.

Believe me, I’ve been there.

But I figured there must be an easier way.

With over 4 years of research and experiments, they’ve developed the world’s most balanced superfood formula.

Life Essentials

This is the ultimate superfood blend that’s perfect for daily use. It is 100% USDA-certified organic and contains a full spectrum of green superfoods, antioxidant and energy blends, probiotics, and enzymes. It can replenish your body with all the essential nutrients it needs. It’s painstakingly produced in a natural way that preserves all its nutrients.

And with just ONE serving, you’ll get ALL the healthy goodness of 14 awesome superfoods.

What are these superfoods exactly?

The Band of 14 Amazing Superfoods in Just One Cup of Juice

Wheatgrass is one of the most popular and most powerful superfoods around. It can keep your pH levels balanced and detoxifies your cells.

Alfalfa can lower the lipid levels in the blood, which lowers the risk of coronary heart disease due to high cholesterol levels.

Barley grass relieves ulcerative colitis, strengthens the immune system, and regenerates damaged cells and tissues. Surprisingly, it can also help you fight addictions.

Chlorella has high chlorophyll content, which can effectively protect the body against ultraviolet radiation, at the same time, remove radioactive particles.

Studies show that spirulina promotes the growth of healthy bacterial flora in the intestines. And according to a study published in the Journal of Applied Phycology, this algae also helps with HIV/AIDS.

Spinach is high in vitamin K, which helps build a strong and healthy skeletal system and lessens the risk of bone fractures and osteoporosis.

Bet you didn’t know that the humble parsley can do plenty for your body. It helps reduce inflammation, relieves oxidative stress, and flushes out kidney stones. It also kicks bad breath to the curb.

Gum acacia can protect the body against inflammation and colon cancer. It’s also high in fiber, which effectively lowers the risk of constipation. It also has cholesterol-lowering and plaque-reducing effects.

Flaxseed contains an ample amount of healthy fats and dietary fiber, supporting healthy weight loss and reducing the risk of obesity.

Acerola cherry is high in vitamin C, even more than oranges. Because of this, it can effectively give the immune system a huge boost.

The phytonutrients and antioxidants in apples can efficiently reduce the risk of diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and different kinds of cancer. They also fight off Alzheimer’s disease, give relief to asthma, and protect bones.

Blueberries have plenty of antioxidants that fight off free radicals. Free radicals can cause damage to cells and is one of the top causes of various illnesses and health problems.

Acai berries can improve skin health by preventing early signs of aging, helping with skin regeneration, and erasing those dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. These berries also curb food cravings, which is great for weight loss regimens.

The regular intake of green tea improves heart functions and lowers the risk of death-causing heart diseases. It’s also a healthy and effective option to losing weight.

Now, imagine getting all these incredible superfoods in your body in just ONE DRINK.
Doesn’t the very thought make you feel excited?

So Right Now, You Have a Choice…

You could continue trying the usual options of drugs, surgery, and other sketchy diet regimens. You can also simply choose to give up and be contented that things are not going to get any better.


You could take matters into your own hands, take a chance on a proven natural method, and finally experience for yourself the secret to the ultimate healthy lifestyle.

It certainly worked for me. And when I shared it to others, it worked for them, too!

And this is what people taking
Life Essentials are experiencing

Bella Green2017-08-30

I’ll admit, vegetables and I don’t mix. So when my friend had me try this juice, I was very skeptical. Its nasty green color made it even less appealing! But when I took a first sip, it actually wasn’t all that bad (and this is saying a lot from someone who absolutely hates veggies!). I wouldn’t mind drinking this every day if it means getting my vegetables without actually eating the vegetables.

Lula E. Hughes2017-09-01

I’ve tried a couple of green juices before as an alternative to juicing since I’m short on time these days, what with work and family obligations. But I never really got any visible results so I really didn’t plan on trying this one. But the cute canister literally sucked me in. haha. So I ordered one just to try it out and I certainly got a surprise. Didn’t really expect to like it all. Just started two weeks ago so I don’t expect drastic changes yet, but I do feel less bloated and more energized.

Taber Martens2017-09-20

I don’t trust health supplements like this right off the bat. There’s just too many fakes out there today. But this one is actually not half bad. It’s fairly tolerable, more so than others. And it actually has a lighter texture than other powdered juices. Not everything dissolves in water though and most of it actually settles at the bottom of the glass, so you may have to down the drink right away. Other than that, I’m satisfied enough with this product.

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Bonus e-Book

To get you even more hyped, we’re also throwing in our amazing e-Book for you. And it’s FREE!

We put our heart and soul in this, giving our extra time, effort, and energy to gather the easiest and healthiest superfood recipes that your body needs.

Our e-Book contains 40 mouthwatering and super-easy-to-make recipes that make use of natural and organic products. The recipes don’t scrimp on the nutrients each ingredient can offer.

We also made it a point that each recipe is super easy to follow and, of course, pleasing to the taste buds.

Only the best for you.

So What Exactly Are the Benefits of Life Essentials?

Detoxifies your Body

Say goodbye to the radicals and metals accumulated in your body. The antioxidants in our Life Essentials blend will easily clean out your body of all these.

Body Beautiful

With all the herbs and vitamins present in a glass of our Life Essentials blend, you’re bound to bring out that inner glow with smoother and healthier skin, hair, and nails.

Increases Energy

Some nutrients of Life Essentials are natural energy boosters. With their help, your body will be charged with energy, and you can endure a long and stressful day without feeling drained at all.

Boosts Your Brain Power

Thinking is a breeze with Life Essentials as its ketone content will increase your mental clarity and improve your memory.

And there are plenty more that you can enjoy!

Guaranteed Results within 30 Days or Get Your Money Back!

If for any reason you don’t like Life Essentials or feel that it hasn’t helped you, we’ve made it incredibly easy to get a refund.
No quibbles, no questions asked.
Just a simple and honest 100% refund.

Regular Price is $69.90,
but Today You Can Get The Benefits of 14 superfoods for Just $39.00

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