What is Life Essentials

Concentrated with an ample amount of vitamins and minerals , our Life Essentials powder soothes your body with a healthier treat in the most natural way possible – herbs!


Our Life Essentials blend allows you to save more time and effort in coming up with a nutritious meal combo, complete with all the needed vitamins and minerals, as it puts 23 superfoods together in one scoop.


With high contents of vitamins A,B,B12,C,D,E,K including digestive enzymes, chlorophyll, phytonutrients, probiotics, and many others, our Life Essentials can be used as a replacement for any ‘multivitamins’; keeping your body more cleansed, active and desirable.


Add excitement to your vegetable intake with a serving of this delicious treat. And be sure to make way for a more nourished and healthier you in just 30 days time!   

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