What’s a day worth?

The average person has 27,375 of them.

For nearly a decade, our exclusive Life Essentials blend has helped thousands live each and every day to their fullest. Find out how much sweeter life can be when you fill it with the nutrients your body craves.

There’s no better substitute for Green Superfood than Life Essentials!

One glass of this Life Essentials can give you such amazing benefits that you surely don’t want to miss!

Detoxifies your Body

Say goodbye to the radicals and metals accumulated in your body. The antioxidants  in our Life Essentials blend will easily clean out your body of all these.

Softens Your Skin

With all the herbs and vitamins present in a glass of our Life Essentials blend, you’re bound to bring out that inner glow with smoother and healthier skin, hair, and nails.

Increases Energy

Some nutrients of Life Essentials are natural energy boosters. With their help, your body will be charged with energy, and you can endure a long and stressful day without feeling drained at all.

Boosts Your Brain Power

Thinking is a breeze with Life Essentials as its ketone content will increase your mental clarity and improve your memory.

Bulletproof Immune System

Be a health warrior with Life Essentials as the powerful superfoods, vitamins, and minerals in it will supercharge and strengthen your immune system.

Reduces Stress

You can surely deal with anything and everything as the phytonutrients and probiotics in Life Essentials will set your hormones at the right level, which in turn reduces stress.

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