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Life Essentials Organic Superfood Blend

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Tori Tanola2017-10-11

I’ve been drinking this juice for the past two weeks now, and I have to tell you I can tell the difference. I like to work out, I go to the gym a lot. And it seems like all I could do is, after I work out, I'm just exhausted. I don't have energy to do anything. But since I've been drinking this juice, I can really tell the difference. It is giving me the extra boost of energy that I need to go through the day. And I also feel less heavy, less bloated, if that makes sense. So I am really liking it. So yeah, this is amazing! I want you guys to try it.

Jillian Mackenzie2017-09-19

I’ve been drinking the juice every morning for about a week now. It tastes a little weird at first, but you’ll get used to it (at least I did). I seem to have a lot more energy and feel a lot more alert. I move faster and think faster and seem to have more patience in dealing with my toddler. Thanks, Life Essentials!