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Avocados: More Than Just Healthy Fat

When you hear the word avocados, I’m sure your mind will make a beeline for guacamole. Admittedly, this is the most popular product  made up of this fruit. But the avocado is more than just the sidekick of nachos. It …


Top 10 Brain-Boosting Food Perfect for Students

We know how difficult it is being a student. We’ve all been there. The late nights studying or completing projects. The days where we hardly ate anything just to make ends meet.  The countless times we bawled our eyes out …


12 Ways the Mangosteen Assists in Maintaining a Healthy System

Right now in the organic and healthy world of superfoods, those that are slowly on the rise are exotic fruits and vegetables. We Americans are slowly eyeing these not-so-common superfoods and gradually learning about all the health benefits they can provide …


Papaya: The Tropical Fruit for Staying in Tip-Top Shape

The papaya is one of the fruits that you may not have really heard of, but touts numerous healthy benefits. Especially nowadays, people are taking better care of their health. People are shunning processed and unhealthy foods and are heading …


Hemp Seeds Aren’t Just for Hipsters Anymore and Are Going Mainstream

When you hear people talk about hemp seeds, the first things that come to most people’s minds are drugs, marijuana, dope, addiction, or things deemed negative by society. Well, that is still true, but nowadays, the way some people look …


10 Superb Ways Strawberries Keep You in Shape

One of the most popular fruits to snack on has got to be strawberries. I mean, come on. Who can resist these plump red berries that give  you some sweetness with a slight tart kick? You’ll love strawberries even more …


10 Super Effective Superfoods for Skin

In our world today, looking good is a very important need for everyone. Girls most especially make it a point to not come out of the house unless they are satisfied that they look “socially acceptable.” A few resort to …


Top 10 Effective Food for Diabetics

Diabetes. We all know what this term means. And we probably know a few people who have this disease. Diabetes is when the body’s ability to produce or respond to insulin is compromised. This results in abnormal metabolism of carbohydrates. This …


Turmeric Tea as the Answer to Weight Loss and Arthritis

Turmeric tea is quite a popular brew that not only soothes, but also improves a person’s life. Turmeric is a superfood that contains plenty of vitamins and minerals. Its most powerful compound is curcumin and is probably the main reason …


Turmeric Hair Removal: Does It Really Work?

Have you heard of turmeric before? How about turmeric hair removal? If your answer to both is a big “NO” and you are looking for a way to get rid of that freaky fuzz you’re currently sporting, then you’re in …


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