Super Healthy Anti-Arthritis Smoothies That Soothe Those Joints

Arthritis. We’ve all heard this pretty common term thrown around in some conversations. However, I’m pretty sure not a lot of people completely know about it. Arthritis more or less refers to joint pain or joint disease. There are actually more than a hundred different types of arthritis and its related conditions.

This particular disease is not picky. Whatever age, race, gender you are, there’s a very big possibility that you can have arthritis. It’s also actually the leading cause of disability in America. Believe it or not, more than 50 million adults and around 300,000 children have one type of arthritis or another.

The most common arthritis symptoms include pain, swelling, stiffness, as well as decreased range of motion. These symptoms come and go, and can be either mild, moderate, or severe. Arthritis can also cause some permanent joint changes. Some of these changes can be visible. These include knobby finger joints.

Also, there are some types of arthritis that can affect the eyes, skin, kidneys, lungs, and even the heart.

Now I know all of these sound scary and will make you feel afraid of arthritis. Luckily, there are ways to avoid or ease the pain that arthritis brings. And one of these ways is sipping on some anti-arthritis smoothies.

Smoothies to Relieve Arthritis

These smoothies make use of several ingredients that have positive effects for those who are suffering from arthritis. Some smoothies also help protect your body from getting arthritis. These blends are guaranteed to taste good as well as help you with your woes. So go ahead, take a sip.

Tropical Fruit Curry

This drink is good in fighting off inflammation thanks to its turmeric ingredient. There are compounds in turmeric that greatly reduce joint pain in patients with rheumatoid arthritis as well as osteoarthritis.


1 cup frozen mango chunks

2 cups water

1 cup frozen peach slices

½ cup coconut milk

1 cup frozen pineapple slices

½ teaspoon lime zest

½ teaspoon turmeric powder

pinch of red pepper flakes

pinch of salt


Simply place all the ingredients in a high-speed blender. Blend until smooth and creamy, around 30-45 seconds. Give the drink a taste and tweak flavors to your liking. Serve.

Strawberry-Orange Smoothie

Did you know that strawberries are more than just favorite snacks? These sweet berries actually contain plenty of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant anthocyanins. They’re also a good source of vitamin C, which fights against inflammation and also protects the body from harmful free radicals.

No doubt, this amazing drink tastes great while fighting against painful joints.


1 banana (peeled and sliced)

4 large whole strawberries

1 orange (deseeded)

2 handfuls baby spinach

filtered water

ice cubes


Put in the banana, strawberries, orange sections, and spinach into a blender. Mix everything until there are no lumps. Add in the water and ice cubes gradually for the thickness that you want.

Pineapple-Grapefruit Blend

Aside from having potent vitamin C, which helps get rid of harmful free radicals, pineapples contain a very important ingredient that effectively helps fight arthritis. This delicious fruit also contains bromelain, which can treat various joint pains.

In fact, according to scientific studies, bromelain effectively treats osteoarthritis as well as rheumatoid arthritis.


1 frozen banana (peeled and sliced)

½ red grapefruit (peeled)

½ cup pineapple slices

½ cucumber (do not peel)

½ cup fresh parsley

filtered water

ice cubes


Simply place the fruit slices and parsley in a high-speed blender. Make sure to blend everything completely. After, you can slowly pour in the water and add in the ice cubes one by one for your desired consistency.

Cherry Pie Smoothie

The humble fruit that is the cherry is very effective in reducing gout flares. FYI, gout is actually a form of arthritis. Gout flares produce swelling, redness, and joint pain. And according to a study by the Boston University School, eating cherries regularly help prevent gout attacks.


1 cup frozen sweet dark cherries

¼ cup oats

1 cup unsweetened almond milk

¼ cup nonfat Greek yogurt

½ teaspoon vanilla extract

ice cubes


Dump in the cherries, oats, almond milk, yogurt, and vanilla extract in a blender. Process everything for about 30 seconds, or until no lumps are visible. Gradually add the ice cubes one by one, until you get the thickness that you want.

Kiwi with Kale and Mango Smoothie

The ingredients in this beautiful green smoothie all work together to make sure you don’t feel the pain arthritis brings. For one, kale provides you with magnesium, which reduces pain and helps the body absorb calcium properly. The orange and mango have vitamin C and carotenoids. And kiwi contains natural enzymes that enter into the bloodstream and break down proteins as well as other molecules that cause inflammation.


2 cups kale (chopped)

2 kiwi (peeled and sliced)

1 mango (peeled, pitted, and sliced)

1 orange (peeled and deseeded)

filtered water

ice cubes


Put in the kale, kiwi, mango, and orange into a blender. Blend everything until fully incorporated. Add in the water slowly, in order for it not to be too runny. Next, put in the ice one by one for your desired consistency.

Strawberry and Parsley Smoothie

Here’s another super powerful smoothie that fights against arthritis. The celery flushes out uric acid crystals from your body, and this prevents the onset of arthritis. Carrots soothe painful joints and help heal ligaments and bring relief to joint pain. And the coconut oil contains polyphenols and essential fatty acids that reduce pain, swelling, and stiffness.


1 medium carrot (peeled and chopped)

½ cup pineapple chunks

1 celery stalk (sliced)

a handful of strawberries

½ inch fresh ginger

5 sprigs parsley

1 tablespoon organic coconut oil

1 teaspoon turmeric powder

½ cup almond milk

ice cubes


First, put in the carrot, pineapple, celery, strawberries, parsley, and ginger in a blender. Process everything until smooth. Next, add in the coconut oil, turmeric, and almond milk. Continue blending until everything is mixed well. Last, put in the ice cubes to achieve just the right consistency.

Arthritis Green Smoothie

Just looking at this smoothie will instantly relieve those joint pains. Okay, okay, I’m kidding. But no joke, it has plenty of ingredients that will help out with those arthritis symptoms. The pumpkin seeds contain pain-suppressing properties that eases the pain, swelling, and redness in between your joints. The apple cider vinegar contains magnesium, and this helps the bones absorb calcium properly for super healthy bones. And the green tea, green apple, parsley, kiwi, and spinach all possess carotenoids and quercetin, which add to the reduction of joint pains.


1 cup freshly brewed green tea (room temperature)

¼ cup spinach leaves

½ cup pineapple chunks

½ green apple (chopped)

1 kiwi (peeled and sliced)

1 tablespoon pumpkin seeds

sprig of parsley

½ teaspoon raw apple cider vinegar

ice cubes


In a high-speed blender, put in the green tea, spinach, pineapple, green apple, and kiwi. Blend completely until smooth. Next, add in the pumpkin seeds, parsley, and apple cider vinegar to the mix. Continue blending until smooth again. Gradually put in the ice cubes to get the thickness you want for your smoothie.

Kate B. Forsyth is a writer for Be Healthy Today, who specializes in health and nutrition. Her passion is to help people get an overall transformation of health that lasts a lifetime. In her blog posts, she goes beyond research by providing health-concerned citizens doable and simple tricks to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

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