40 Proven Superfood Recipes That Will Significantly Improve Your Health in 21 Days

Learn effective recipes that will help you lose weight, boost your immune system, improve brain power, and give you glowing skin via natural superfood ingredients.

What’s in the Ebook?

Why waste so much time and money on expensive pills when nature provides us with the best medicine called superfoods?

With all the benefits it can bring, it’s no surprise that they’re called “superfoods.” Each one has its own properties and positive effects on your body, helping you live a healthier and more natural life.

In this e-book, you will learn the following:

  • 10 superfood recipes for weight loss
  • 10 superfood recipes as immune boosters
  • 10 superfood recipes that increases memory and brain power
  • 10 superfoods recipes for glowing skin

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Kate B. Forsyth

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Kate B. Forsyth is a writer for Be Healthy Today, and she specializes in health and nutrition. Her passion is to help people get an overall transformation of health that lasts a lifetime. In her blog posts, she goes beyond research by providing health-concerned citizens doable and simple tricks to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

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