20 Amazing Acerola Fruit Juice Benefits

For those who want a quick and easy way to enjoy acerola fruit benefits, many turn to acerola juice. They can drink it straight up, or include it in smoothies, soups, dressing, dips, etc. Whatever way you take it, you’re sure to still enjoy the acerola benefits.

Since the acerola fruit is quite rare and can’t be bought raw in the States, they are easily available in other forms. They can come in acerola juice, powder, or jam.

Acerola Fruit Juice Benefits

Of course, as it’s labeled as a superfood, without a doubt, the acerola fruit has tons of healthy benefits for the human body. Let’s go ahead and delve deeper into some of them.

Provides Better Skin

Acerola Provides Better Skin

The high vitamin C content of the cherries helps form collagen, the building blocks of healthy skin. This keeps it toned and youthful in appearance. The anthocyanins help prevent inflammation in outer skin tissues, just as they do on the inside of the body.

The bioflavonoids in the acerola fruit help tone down the signs of skin ageing. They all combat wrinkles, crow’s feet, fine lines, laugh lines, dark spots, blemishes, and skin discolorations.

Acerola cherries also possess a healthy amount of vitamin A, niacin, thiamin, and riboflavin. These all work together to promote beautiful and glowing skin.

The vitamin A content of acerola cherries protects your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. If you are exposed to too much UV rays, this can cause severe damage to your skin. Worst-case scenario is it can lead to skin cancer.

Provides Powerful Antioxidants

We all know how vital antioxidants are to the human body. These antioxidants neutralize the negative effects of free radicals to our bodies. These free radicals are toxins that can cause cellular damage and may lead to a number of diseases.

Since the acerola fruit is loaded with antioxidants (vitamin C, acidic flavonoids, and quercetin, for example), this ensures your body is getting the right amount of antioxidant it needs for protection.

Improves Eye Health

Acerola Improves Eye Health

The acerola cherry contains vitamin A, lutein, and beta-carotene. All these work together in order to improve vision. They also prevent cataracts from forming and stop retinal hemorrhages.

In addition, they also delay the onset of age-related macular degeneration, reduce the risk of retinitis pigmentosa, and improve night vision.

Strengthens Immunity

The body’s immune system is its first line of defense against harmful foreign particles that try to enter the body. If we have a compromised immune system, chances are, you are easily susceptible to colds, coughs, and other illnesses.

One of the most popular vitamins that can strengthen the immune system is vitamin C. This vitamin is known to fight infections, fight against oxidative stress, reduce inflammation, and improve collagen production. All these ensure a better and more powerful immune system.

Prevents Scurvy

For those who don’t know, scurvy is a disease that is caused by severe vitamin C deficiency. Those suffering from it develop anemia, exhaustion, debility, swelling in some parts of the body, loss of teeth, and ulceration of the gums. It’s a life-threatening condition that can cause death by bleeding.

Since acerola fruit contains a very high amount of vitamin C, it’s a very effective preventive treatment against this disease.

Aids in Weight Loss

Acerola Aids in Weight Loss

The acerola cherry is low in fat, calories, and sodium. This makes it a perfect go-to snack. It also speeds up the body’s metabolism, therefore reducing the risk of obesity. This ensures that you achieve your ideal weight in a healthy and safe manner.

Helps with Digestive Issues

Acerola Helps with Digestive Issues

Although the acerola cherry doesn’t have as much dietary fiber as other fruits, the content that it does have is enough to help boost digestive health. Dietary fiber is needed in order to promote smooth passage of ingested food through the gastrointestinal tract.

Furthermore, regular intake of acerola juice relieves bloating, constipation, cramping, diarrhea, gastric ulcers, and other gastrointestinal issues.

Helps with Diabetes

For diabetics, blood sugar that drops drastically or spikes up sharply is very dangerous. Luckily, the acerola fruit has the ability to regulate the release of glucose and insulin into the bloodstream. This maintenance helps prevent sudden drops and spikes in blood sugar levels.

Improves Heart Health

Acerola Improves Heart Health

Drinking acerola juice daily prevents cardiovascular disease. The high amount of vitamin C is also an excellent preventative for heart disease.

Potassium in this fruit dilates the blood vessels and increases blood flow. This then reduces blood pressure. This lowers your chances of developing atherosclerosis and also prevents heart attacks and strokes.

Also, the acerola fruit regulates high blood pressure and normalizes heart rhythm. These then lower the risk of coronary artery diseases, thrombosis, and atherosclerosis.

All this ensures that you will have a happy and healthy heart.

Combats Cancer

Acerola Combats Cancer

Having a high content of vitamin C helps reduce the risk of cancer, specifically of the cervix, breast, and skin.

The antioxidants in the acerola fruit play a major part in cancer prevention. They fight off harmful free radicals from the body. These free radicals are responsible for the healthy cells in the body to mutate into cancerous cells.

The Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology published a study that found that acerola cherry extract helped stop the growth and spread of lung cancer specifically.

Kate B. Forsyth is a writer for Be Healthy Today, who specializes in health and nutrition. Her passion is to help people get an overall transformation of health that lasts a lifetime. In her blog posts, she goes beyond research by providing health-concerned citizens doable and simple tricks to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

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